Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Three most wonderful years of my life or Tribute to the Man of my Dreams)

Two weeks ago we celebrated the third anniversary of our RCC (religious commitment ceremony). What is RCC? This is what you do, when your beloved one is being denied legal divorce and his "legal" wife is waving bigamy charges above his head. So we went to undisclosed location and did whatever we had to do in presence of two witnesses who's identity cannot be revealed and anonymous religious authority that refuses to identify himself.

All I have to tell you is, that when you find the love of your life nothing can stop you from being together, no matter how many obstacles you have to move on your way (and we had a lot to move). There is still one pretty big obstacle, but she will leave us alone soon. I am working on it.

Every day I wake up in the morning smiling because I woke up next to the most amazing person in the world. He is good hearted and gentle, he is one of the smartest people I ever met, he cares about others, he cares about his kids, he cares about me. He is generous and kind, his integrity is unquestionable. Someone once told me that integrity is to do the right thing even if nobody is watching. This was said about my husband. His friends are the first class ones (not a single one of them is rotten). Everyone (well, except one that we don't want to talk about here) loves him and I love him the most.

Did you ever feel that you cannot express in words how much your love someone? Every time I try to explain it seems that my vocabulary is so thin, despite the fact that I speak three languages.

Even after three years, when everyone says that the freshness of love fades, our love is blossoming more and more. Would you imagine that people still ask us this newly wed question: how long are you married? They find it hard to believe that folks like us still exist on the face of earth. That we still give each other silly cards and when we call each other "My Love" we actually mean it.

Enough for now, I see the readers preparing the paper bags (like when the airplane goes through turbulence). Please don't say, "Blah, she is just saying it to make us feel bad. Love like that is long since gone from the face of earth."

I have some news for the skeptics and cynics among my readers.

This phenomenon is called TRUE LOVE. And it is alive and kicking!

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