Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fighting for my chained man!

In Succos we will "celebrate" the 6th anniversary of this divorce battle. For long 6 years my partner is waiting for his separated wife to give him legal divorce and leave him alone. I joined the "show" 3 years ago when finally, despite all the obstacles, we were able to start our life as a couple. 3 amazing years and hopefully many more to come.

Since then, every day, after praying for Mashiah to come I add my little prayer saying "please help me to get married, have healthy children and please separate us from his ex-wife". And this day will come - being eternal optimist is not a bad thing, right?

In the mean time the legal wife is not giving up on us juggling between arbitration (Beth Din) and civil court system depending on where she gets more favorable judgement. The worst part of it - everyone believes her lies. Why? Come on, would you not have pity on a poor women that has no money to eat and had to file bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure on her house? Would you not feel sorry for her being abused by her husband? She would tell you how liberated she felt after obtaining the Order of Protection against her abusive husband and filing for divorce. And you will probably burst in tears of joy - so convincing she sounds.

The only problem is that her story is made up from it's very beginning. "Here we go again", you would say, "This is one of these stories where each side is right and I better stay away from it". The difference is that I have proofs and she doesn't. Lying only works for awhile, and only for people that don't want to be bothered by facts. So you can stop reading right here if ignoring the facts feels more convenient.
More details to be revealed soon - stay tuned!

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